iPhone app to ensure eye health


Researchers have successfully used an iPhone app for imaging the inside of the eye of immobile and paediatric patients.

The team used the iExaminer smartphone system and an iPhone to image 28 paediatric patients with a diverse range of retinal and optic nerve conditions.

The system consists of a PanOptic Ophthalmoscope (a lighted instrument to examine the inside of the eye) and an adapter that attaches the ophthalmoscope to an iPhone to enable taking photos and videos.

It can image key structures of the back of the eye in a single view without necessarily requiring dilation drops. The associated app facilitates capture, storage and transfer of data.

This also makes it possible for real-time tele-medicine consultation without violating patient identity as no external facial features are revealed.

“This system could be useful not only to ophthalmologists but also physicians, hospitals and general practitioners,” said lead researcher Jiaxi Ding from the Ross Eye Institute at University at Buffalo in the US.