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Doze presents “Science Rocks”


Champs21 the creator of highly appreciated television programs for school children Spelling Bee and Bangladesh First is coming up with another Science relate show “Science Rocks” presented by Doze. Channel i will telecast the all-new series 11:05 AM every Friday starting 22nd July, 2016.

Everything we do or the work that we perform in our everyday life is one way or the other related to science. Still kids are scared of Science & apart from their text book no other source is available to learn about science. To erase the fear of science and make it an interesting topic for children the show Doze presents Science Rocks brought to you by was made.

Doze Internet believes that it is important that we inspire the children to keep their interest in science and the knowledge that are befitting for the growth of them and, in turn, the nation. Enabling children to acquire growth-friendly knowledgeand content is the way that can best support their development. To build a better future, easy & safe access to internet is required by children to increase the horizon of their knowledge. Hence, Doze Internet became the sponsor of the show ‘Science Rocks’. and is also working relentlessly to promote healthy and happy internet for children and in the process of producing solutions for this.

Science is an integral part of our life and Champs21 is thrilled to present the show that will make our viewers familiar with different aspects of science in new ways. In this era of advanced technologies, still many around us scared of science. Champs21 hopes this show will eliminate this fear and make them fall in love with science. Though targeted audience is mainly school students, we believe people of all ages would love to watch this show.

Directed by Hasan Abidur Reza Jewel and hosted by Afnan Shah Qureshi and Sanzida Chowdhury Swarna, this show will demonstrate different science experiments that related to our daily life in interesting ways.

Afnan and Swarna will be seen here as siblings. Science is a fun and easy thing to Afnan but Swarna isquite the opposite. We will see Afnan demonstrating different experiments of science to Swarna with an aim to eliminate her fear and we believe the viewers will really enjoy the show.

This series will also challenge the viewers as there will be quizzes after the show. First 3 person who will give correct answer can win attractive prizes. You can visit: for more details. Don’t get disappointed if you miss any show. We will upload each show in You Tube once it gets on-air. You can also watch it in

At the same time, by dialing 2580 from any mobile phone you will be able to listen to the experiments showed every week.However, one can simply dial 2580 to know scientific explanations of usual daily events and science fun facts- segmented as ‘Daily Doze’.

“Science Rocks” is a joint effort of and Channeli, sponsored by Doze Internet.



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